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Points:  [Where do they come from - why do they continue to exist - who are the victims of superstitions? Why? - How can people get rid of them?] 

    Superstition is nothing but a blind belief. There is no logic or scientific reason behind it. These beliefs go against the law of nature. Superstitions were many in the past because people had no education. 
There are superstitions all over the world. They are about birds, animals, natural calamities, colours, numbers, particular behavior etc. Even there are superstitions about eclipse in Europe. There are natural calamities like the earthquake, flood, drought, storm of the fire; some of us think that they are caused by anger of some gods or goddesses. 

    Even in 21stcentury, superstitions exist in civilized or educated countries. Even the educated people believe in superstitions. Many people believe do not have a hair cut or a shave on Saturdays. Some people believe no.13 as an unlucky number. Some consider the crossing of a widow to be a bad sign Famous persons consult astrologers while taking important decisions. A lot of People offer fruits, food, gold, Silver etc. To please God or win favours. 

    Superstitions are a great hindrance to the progress of our society. Superstitious people are generally illiterate, ignorant credulous and gullible. They are exploited by the 'bhuvas' 'tantrics' etc. Superstitious people refuse to see reason. 

    It is necessary to educate people to get rid of superstitions. It is also necessary to teach them scientific truths. They should be made fearless against the result of such beliefs.